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Folkspel supports the Swedish non-profit associations

Folkspel - the Swedish associations’ own lottery company with products such as Bingolotto and Sverigelotten - gives associations in Sweden the opportunity to sell lottery tickets to finance their activities. Each year, Folkspel divides about SEK 170 million between Swedish non-profit associations.

Folkspel’s challenge is how to get Swedes to choose its lottery products instead of more commercial products. Folkspel wants to do this by showing that each lottery ticket is a winning one, since all surplus goes directly back to the important activities that the associations do.

To gain attention to Folkspel and pay tribute to all the thousands of enthusiasts who work voluntarily in associations, Folkspel arranges the gala Årets Eldsjäl, since 2017. Here, the Swedish people can nominate and vote for their best volunteers in Swedish association life.

The gala gives many opportunities to communicate Folkspel and how its products support Swedish non-profit associations. It also gives the opportunity to show how much Folkspel contributes to the associations every year.

By presenting the stories of the nominated volunteers in press releases and on the websit site Årets eldsjäl, which is done in collaboration with Swedish major newspaper Expressen, we have had a great media impact. Every year since the gala started, Årets Eldsjäl has received almost 200 press clippings in local and national media. 6.4 million people have visited the site Årets Eldsjäl this year and Folkspel has received many thousands of likes on its social media channels. This year, the project is growing, since Expressen has chosen to create a news feed about associations and Årets Eldsjäl in the newspaper.