Gameday World Sports App


Gameday World and Understandit wanted to find a solution to give fans and supporters access to a digital match program that updates match results in real-time. By developing an app, we wanted to get away from the printed match program, increase interest in the games, increase accessibility and get a wider spread of digital information. We also saw that the app would open up new business opportunities for sponsors and advertisers. The potential for national teams, clubs, leagues and events was great and the Swedish Handball Federation was involved throughout the development process and became the first customer to go live with the app.

Together with the customer we developed the app Gameday. The app includes news, upcoming matches, match results, pop-up ads, banners and real-time push notifications to sell tickets or other offers. The fans can also vote for the match's runners and follow the matches trough Livecore which presents the sub-LIVE static. The app is designed to be used for many sports and today the Handball Team, Basket Team, Swedish Football Association and clubs in the Handball League use the app. New functions are constantly being developed and more and more teams and federations are joining the Gameday platform.