H&M Group

H&M Capital Markets Day

The H&M group held their first capital markets day in history at Skandiascenen, Cirkus Feburary 14, 2018. Revolve was chosen as the overall partner for the event. More than 300 analysts and members of media were invited to participate for a full day of presentations, to experience the different brands within the group and was also given the opportunity to interact with the management in a Q&A session. 

During the day, top management and representatives from H&M group and their different brands held presentations on stage. Revolve were responsible for handling all presentations, videos and content as well as securing the second by second running order. We have the knowledge and experience to handle information with high level of confidentiality and at the same time make sure to secure the latest content in the right place. 

Two of the challeneges for Revolve during this project was to adapt the venue from the original setting of 800 guests to approximately 350 guests and with a narrow time slot set up and dismantle all other areas of the venue. To make sure the conference room had the right number of seats, a dividing wall out of fabric was put up. And to enhance the concept and brand awareness videos and content were projected on the fabric. During the lunch mingle the guests were invited to visit all brands within the H&M group through a creative exhibition area. The multifunctional space was build during the night and dismantled in a couple of hours post the closing of the exhibition. 
All areas were decorated to be in line with the meeting identity. And everywhere the guests got the sense of the H&M group brands, all from the decor in the press & media lounge, to products at the stage set up and to making the restrooms pop.