Successful campaign for Majblomman

Digital ecosystems are complex and to reap the desired rewards from digital efforts meticulous planning and a strategy anchored in the organisation is needed. Focusing on the overarching goal, the target group, content and channels we lay out clear and manageable strategies for our clients. When Majblomman wanted to find new ways to reach their target group Vekst was instrumental in streamlining the deployment of digital communication.

Majblomman is Sweden’s largest children’s non-profit organisation. Majblomman work all year to improve children’s circumstances and every May they raise money by school children selling their symbol, the May Flower (Majblomman), a small flower pin. Thanks to the hard work of these children Majblomman can give grants to children in need, create informational material on children’s rights and support research to improve living conditions of girls and boys.

Challenge: For more than 100 years the small, yellow flower pins being sold on the streets have been a sure sign of spring. Despite the well-known brand the organisation has had difficulties reaching its target group in digital spaces. Historically the focus lay on traditional marketing geared toward the buyers of the flower pin. With Vekst’s help they wanted to improve their digital marketing toward the sellers, or rather, the people in charge of the sellers.

Solution: To reach the sellers Majblomman had to communicate with teachers and parents, seeing as these are the decision makers for the children selling the pins. The solution thus was to focus on channels where parents and teachers spend time and where they are open to receive Majblomman’s message.

Result: Aided by a marketing plan for how and where Majblomman should communicate the charity succeeded in transitioning from traditional advertising to utilising digital channels efficiently.

“Reach and engagement were high. If we compare this campaign to similar organisations’ campaigns our numbers are great. Our primary goal was to learn more about digital marketing and we really did. This has laid the foundation for how we plan to activate the audiences we will attract next year.” – Tove Lindahl Greve, General Secretary, Majblomman

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