Mazda Blocks

In this case our mission was to help Mazda Motors take control over how the car models and brand are presented digitally via the dealers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. When we entered the collaboration, each dealer had a separate reseller web that was not used extensively by the dealers and which meant that the visitors were sent between different domains. Mazda wanted a better technical solution while at the same time increasing the commitment of the dealers and optimizing the customer journey.

We developed a solution called Mazda Blocks, which all resellers can integrate into their own website through a simple script. Mazda Blocks enables the visitor to build their own car and see what it would cost without having to leave the dealer's side. Mazda updates the solution centrally and the reseller can change certain content if desired. Through Mazda Blocks, our customer got better control over how the brand is communicated, the customer's reseller got a smoother solution to work with and potential customers got a much nicer and more fun user experience.