The challenge
Families with children were becoming an increasing important target group for SkiStar, and there was a growing need to develop and implement a comprehensive family strategy for the company’s destinations. SkiStar’s offer varied considerably in terms of content and quality, which meant that they lacked a red thread in their communication and a competitive offering to communicate to families with children.

The solution
In collaboration with SkiStar True Stories created a common strategy for families with children was outlined in 2013 and the Valles concept was launched as the common concept at all SkiStar destinations. It is now a key differentiator for SkiStar offering and significantly contributes to increase in sales and customer loyalty. As a result the Valle concept has become one of SkiStar's most important communicative platforms and Valle is an important representative of SkiStar and the company's values. The values and principles of the concept have become a strong foundation for both a high quality experience and for content products such as the ski school and teaching how to ski. Moreover, and as a result of the success, SkiStar makes a move from an entertaining children's concept to a concept that will contribute to real societal benefit. With Valle as a role model, SkiStar should contribute to strengthening children's well-being and positive behaviors. SkiStar aims for strengthening children's self-esteem, believe in themselves and create a lifelong interest in snow.