We’ve been around for years, but we continue to reinvent ourselves.
We pave our own way in a disruptive business.
We win international awards but choose to measure our success by how many clients keep coming back.
We create original ideas and develop others, turn them into film and adapt to digital channels.
Our clients are modern brands and agencies, across Sweden and abroad.
We offer creativity, efficiency and safe deliveries for projects big and small.
We produce reality-based storytelling in multifaceted contexts.
We use emotions and rationales to make our customers credible.
Through forward thinking we help our clients reflect the now - with new and inspiring possibilities.
We are Stark Film.
We will move your audience.

Example Client

Volvo Trucks, AB Volvo, SKF, Lynk & Co, Gunnebo m fl.
Do you want to know what STARK Film can do for you, please email ann-charlotte.hanfelt@stark.se , or give us a call at +46317077409