Understandit is a digital agency in Gothenburg. We work with applications for the web, smartphones and other platforms to help you improve your digital presence and increase your business value, wheter it´s by selling more products, reaching out to potential clients or making your own work more efficient. A successful investment in digital communication means delivering the right message to the right crowd. The key to this is knowing how people process information, and having the technical expertise to produce modern and easy to use products.

The ideal mix of comptence

Understandit is the perfect mix between these two areas. Our employees are educated in the field of cognitive science (the study of the human mind and its processes) computer science and graphic design. Thanks to our background we can help you define your goals and purposes for your product. We love statistics and data, and after a product is released we can help you with content strategies and analyses to make sure that your product keeps evolving in the right direction.

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Example Client

Dr Oetker, DEKRA, Mazda, Kakeldaxgruppen, Helsingborgs stad, Ericsson, Göteborgs stad, Blå Stjärnan, Honda, Med24, Stihl, Gameday - Handbollslandslaget, Lofsangruppen etc
Do you want to know what Understandit can do for you, please email info@understandit.se , or give us a call at +46317886800